About Everson Starcheck

Green Bay's Acoustic Rock Trio

Rick Everson is a talented guitarist and vocalist.  He and Randy had a short stint in a high school band.  His lead guitar is the frosting that makes this band's sound so intriguing.

Professor Mike Hencheck is also a talented musician.  He can play keyboards and bass (and most probably other instruments he has not revealed).  His profession is teaching physics at UWGB, but he certainly has a knack for entertaining with his musical skills and witty repartee.

Randy surrounds himself with these talented musicians because he realizes that he needs these guys to sound good.  He did have vocal training in high school and performed in the musicals at Abbot Pennings High School.  Having played with Rick and Mike in the past, it was obvious to him that this trio might be a good mix with very similar musical interests.

Put the three names together and you've got Everson Starcheck.  A three piece acoustic rock band that will have you singing along to your favorite songs of the past six decades.

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